How do I open a ShopTE store account?

Go to the My Account page and enter your name and email address or enter your name and email address when you checkout. This will open your store account and your Loyalty Rewards Account.

Can I checkout without creating a ShopTE store account?

No. An account is required in order for us to process your order.

Why do I need a ShopTE store account?

Having an account allows us to

  • update your order status
  • communicate with you about your order
  • send you coupons
  • issue store credit

and allows you to

  • track your order
  • communicate with us about your order
  • download applicable items
  • use gift cards
  • use coupons
  • redeem store credit
  • redeem loyalty rewards
Is the ShopTE website secure?

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Our website uses Comodo’s 100%  end to end ssl encryption technology ensuring that your information is private and secure. By utilizing an industry standard 2048 bit digital signatures and 99.9% browser recognition, you can rest assured that your information is protected.



What kind of services do you offer?

We currently offer the following audio, music and voice services:

  • audio consulting
  • audio mastering
  • audio mixing
  • music production
  • music remixing
  • public speaking coaching
  • song critique
  • voice overs
  • voice over coaching
  • voice over demos
  • voice over production



What if I have a question about one of your services?

On every product page you will find the option to Make an enquiry. Once selected, you will be taken to a form that will allow you to make your enquiry.


What type of payments do you accept?

Via Stripe we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Bitcoin and ApplePay*

Via Paypal we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Via Partial.ly we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


*available on iOS 10+ using a Safari-based web browser

Do you keep my payment info on file?

No. We have no access to your payment information, regardless of the payment method used.

All payments are processed by a third party.

Both Stripe and PayPal allow you to keep your credit card information on file but we have no access to either your Stripe or PayPal account.

When you set up a payment plan through Partial.ly, you provide Partial.ly with a payment method that they keep on file to process payments, via Stripe, according to the terms of your agreement. We do not have access to your payment information in your Partial.ly account.

We can not change, modify or update any payment information on your behalf.

Is my payment secure?

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Our website uses Comodo’s 100%  end to end ssl encryption technology ensuring that your information is private and secure.

In addition to securing your information stored on our website (your name, email address, and order info) all payments are securely processed by Stripe or PayPal (depending upon which one you choose at checkout).

Payment Plans

How do payment plans work?

Payment plans are processed through Partial.ly which is powered by Stripe payment processing.

An additional 10% financing fee is added to the final cost of all payment plans.

When setting up your payment plan, you have the choice of setting the down payment amount, the frequency of payments and the numbers of payments.

Down payment can range from a minimum of 25% to a maxmimum of 50%.

Payment frequency can range from 1 week to 2 week intervals.

Number of payments in adition to the down payment can range from 2 to 4 payments.

Example: You purchase an online voice over demo for $600. Payment plan price will be $660. You choose a 25% down payment with 3 additional payments every 2 weeks. You will pay $165 leaving you with a balance of $495. The remaining balance of $495 will be paid in 3 installments of $165 every 2 weeks beginning on the date of the down payment.


Do I qualify for a payment plan?

Everyone qualifies for a payment plan. All you have to do is process it using our Partial.ly partner via the chopping cart.

We offer direct financing using Stripe as our secure payment processor, and Partial.ly as our secure payment plan processor. Since this is direct financing, there is no credit check and no impact to your credit.

Our direct financing fee is a competitive 10% of the purchase balance. And we also offer flexible payment terms, allowing you to choose your down payment amount, number of payments and payment frequency.

How do I set up my payment plan?

Setting up a ShopTE payment plan is as easy as checking out.

  • add selected services to your shopping cart
  • apply any coupons to your shopping cart
  • apply any gift card to your shopping cart
  • apply any loyalty rewards

Then go to the bottom of shopping cart and click on the “Purchase with Partial.ly” button located below the “Proceed to Checkout” button on the right.

You will be taken to Partial.ly where you will complete your secure payment plan setup. Once we receive notice of your payment plan, we will begin working on your order just as we would any order purchased on our website.


Do I have to complete all my payments before my service is completed?

No. Depending upon the service(s) and payment plan terms selected, your payments may finish before or after the time it takes to complete your service.

Gift Cards

How do I purchase a ShopTE Gift Card?

Purchase a ShopTE Gift Card in several easy steps.

  • Go to the ShopTE Gift Card page
  • Choose the denomination $25, $50, $75, or $100
  • Enter the gift card recipient’s name, email address, and a note
  • Select Add to Cart
  • Checkout with your other purchases
How do I reload my ShopTE Gift Card?

Reload your ShopTE Gift Card in several easy steps.

  • Go to the ShopTE Gift Card page
  • Choose the denomination $25, $50, $75, or $100
  • Select “Reload Existing Gift Card”
  • Enter your existing gift card number
  • Select “Add to cart”
  • Checkout with your other service purchases



Can I purchase a ShopTE Gift Card for myself?

Sure, why not!

Are ShopTE Gift Cards transferable?

No. Gift cards are not transferable.


How do I get a ShopTE Coupon?

ShopTE coupons are distributed in three ways:

  1. as a note to members on their current order – found in the my account section.
  2. via our social media channels
  3. in the TE Monthly newsletter (sign up below)

Subscribe to the TE Monthly Newsletter

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How do I use a ShopTE Coupon?

ShopTE coupons can be used in the shopping cart or on the checkout page.

After adding services to your shopping cart, go to your cart and enter the coupon code. It is located in the box on the left underneath your list of items. Click apply coupon to update the cart total. If it is a valid coupon, it will deduct the coupon amount from the balance.

You can also apply the coupon on the checkout page. The text link – Click here to enter your code is located at the top of the page.

If you choose to pay by Partial.ly payment plan, you must apply the coupon while in the shopping cart. The Partial.ly payment plan button bypasses the check out page and usues the balance reflected in the shopping cart to create your payment plan.

Can I use a ShopTE Coupon more than once?

It depends upon the terms of the coupon. Some ShopTE coupons are reusable. Others are one time use.

Can I share a ShopTE Coupon?

We encourage it!

Unless a coupon is members only, or restricted to your email address, feel free to share.

Loyalty Rewards

What is the ShopTE Loyalty Rewards program?

The ShopTE Loyalty Rewards program is powered by Gratisfaction, a leader in online loyalty programs.

Earn points for shopping, connecting via social media and refering others. And use those points in our online store.

How do I join the ShopTE Loyalty Rewards program?

When you open a ShopTE store account, your ShopTE Loyalty Rewards account is automatically opened as well. You will earn 100 points (equal to $1 off) as a thank you for opening your account.

How do I earn ShopTE Loyalty Rewards?

There are several ways to earn loyalty rewards.

  • Earn 10 points for every $1 you spend at ShopTE.
  • Earn 50 points for completing social media tasks such as following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Earn 200 points when you refer a friend and they make a purchase.


How do I redeem my ShopTE Loyalty Rewards?

There are 2 ways two redeem your ShopTE Loyalty Rewards points.

1. To use a portion of your rewards

  • Log into the ShopTE Loyalty Rewards (or log into your ShopTE store account and you will be automatically logged in)
  • Go to the claim link
  • Select a coupon based on the number of points you have accumulated and wish to use
  • Select claim now, the coupon discount will be added to your shopping cart and the points deducted from your points balance.

2. To use all of your rewards

  • Go to your shopping cart
  • Underneath your list of items and above the shopping cart total locate the text that reads Use X points for a $X discount on this order! 
  • Click apply located below the aforementioned text
  • Your points balance will now be 0


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